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Choosing The Right Medicare Plan

In 7 Easy Steps
1. It is important to review your enrollment period. That means to understand exactly when you qualify for coverage. If you’re not sure or have any questions about when you can enroll then you would need to speak to a licensed agent to help you.

2. Compare plans. No two plans are exactly alike. What is right for you could be very different than what’s right for someone else. There are different costs associated, different networks of doctors, there are different medications that are also associated with the plans. So it is very important, that you compare the plans that you’re looking at in your area with someone that is knowledgeable to see which best fits your needs.

3. Ask questions. Ask your family questions. Ask your doctors questions. Ask other seniors questions. But most importantly: Ask someone that is educated about plans in your area as well as licensed.

4. Get Answers. Licensed agents are trained on Medicare Insurance products and have to pass annual test and certifications to speak with you about plans. There is a saying: The Devil is in the details meaning if you are not thorough in your research that could cause problems for you later on down the line. So please ask questions.

5. Find financial help. It is important that you know what you qualify for. As an insurance agent often I run into people that have to choose between paying their bills or taking their medication. Going without food or missing that appointment to the specialist because of a $10 – $50 copay. And 95% of the time they qualify for a lot more then they know. There are programs out there. It is vital that you take advantage of all the tools that are at your disposal. So if you’re finding that it’s difficult to pay for prescriptions, co-pays and/or Co-insurance. Or if they’re still taking monies out of your Social Security check before you even get it (Part-B premium), pick up the phone call us or, schedule an appointment. Let us put money back in your pocket you.). Remember We are here to help apply for these resources. At No Cost * You can also call social security, Department of Human Resources (Medicaid).

6. Once you have been educated and you find a plan that best fits your needs, Enroll into that plan.

7. Make sure every year, you continually review that plan to see if it still fits your needs. What was important to you in 2020, may not be important in 2021 your (i.e. medications, procedures, operations) or the benefits may have changed. And that may be a game changer for you. Mark your calendar and make any changes to your plan during Medicare ANNUAL ENROLLMENT PERIOD Oct 15th thru December 7th. We look forward to hearing from you. Caring is our culture.